How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Digital Marketing.

Artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of attention as it disrupts industries and improves efficiency. But, how is it helping businesses? How does the decision-making process operate?

The rapid adoption of marketing automation software has given brands the tools they need to automate and orchestrate their customer touchpoints. While we see well-known B2C brands leveraging these technologies, B2B businesses are also using them as a way to reach more customers and create stronger relationships in this increasingly competitive landscape.

Artificial Intelligence is, quite simply, the use of computer systems designed to think like humans and act like humans. It’s a new wave of technology taking the digital marketing world by storm. In an effort to reach more customers and make smarter decision for their brands. More and more businesses are turning to A.I. to take over mundane tasks such as creating content for blogs or social media.

A.I. also allows users to access big data and millions of data points on their customers. For example, if you own a business that sells clothing and shoes, a marketing A.I. platform can compile data from your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, blog posts and any other content you have published this year. It can then compile this data into charts and graphs that allow you to determine your audience’s purchasing habits in order to target them with specifically tailored content over the next year.

With Artificial Intelligence (A.I) getting a lot of attention, it is trending as a crucial area where many companies are investing in resources, time, and money to give them the competitive edge over other businesses within the same niche. In fact, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of tools available for digital marketers to work with Artificial Intelligence. It is a tedious process to go through and find exactly what you need. At Firebolt Agency, we discuss your pain points and help point you in the right direction as to which software implementation works best for your business needs.